Internship Program



We are excited about equipping emerging leaders to discern their personal calling in connecting people to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to love God and others.  The NLCC Ministry Internship is designed to provide immersive ministry experiences and intentional instruction and mentoring that reflects NLCC's Core Values:

  1. On Our Knees: Nurturing leaders in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. Living the Gospel: Equipping leaders with a gospel-centred approach to life and ministry.

  3. With Shared Lives: Modeling and enveloping leaders in a community of Christ-centred leaders.

  4. Through Generous Love: Challenging leaders to expand the reach of their love for others by participating in various ministry opportunities according to, and sometimes beyond their giftings and abilities. 

The Program

The 2018-2019 intern program runs from September 11, 2018 to May 12, 2019. It is a part-time (25 hours) paid position involving a discipleship lab, ministry training, personal mentorship, participation in staff prayer and team meetings, and a variety of ministry experiences, with a focus in a particular area of ministry.

Ministries Involved

In 2018-2019, there are up to 4 positions available for qualified candidates, in Youth, Children's and Adult Ministry, as well as with our Yorkson Campus Pastor.

Who Should Apply

The ideal candidates are Christian men and women between 19-30 years old who...

  • are baptized or willing to be baptized
  • are affirmed by ministry leaders as an emerging leader
  • are expressing a desire to explore church ministry leadership as a vocation
  • evidence at least 2 years of active, volunteer ministry in a local church
  • have completed a minimum of 1-2 years of study in university, Bible college, YWAM, Capernwray, or other similar experiences
  • priority consideration will be given to emerging leaders from NLCC and/or other Mennonite Brethren churches.

There may be up to 4 positions available for qualified candidates.


We remunerate for the 25 hours of work time based on the applicable legislated minimum wage at the time. Funds are also budgeted for professional development (e.g. conferences, workshops, seminars), and expenses incurred (approved by the overseeing pastor) while involved in ministry.

Your Commitment

  • Participation in Staff Prayer/Life Journaling, ministry team meetings, and staff retreats.
  • Gospel-Centred Discipleship and Ministry classes and related reading, reflection and preparation
  • Mentoring meetings
  • Regular Sunday Gathering ministry
  • Weekly evening ministry as assigned.
  • Serve at major church-wide events.
  • Serve in a variety of ministry experiences as assigned.
  • Focused attention to a particular area of ministry in the church.

Intern Experiences

"My overall experience of the internship program was excellent. The course assignments ensured deep reflection and increased learning. Weekly readings and labs helped me think about leadership (and lots more) in new ways. My attachment to various ministries/teams allowed me to hone my leadership skills and practice new ones. The intentional discipleship was very helpful for me in guiding my growth in the right direction."

~ Claudia (2016-2017 Intern)

"Initially I came to the internship seeking clarity on whether full-time pastoral ministry was a path I wished to pursue. Alongside studying at Regent College, the internship has been a tangible way for me to see the inner working of the church, and to what full-time ministry is about...It has helped me to gain insight into my giftings. The internship has given me fresh vision for how to be missional in all we do."

~ Justin (2016-2017 Intern)

2016-2017 Interns

2016-2017 Interns

How to apply

Fill out the form below to let us know you're interested then download and complete the application package. If you have any questions please contact Tim McCarthy.

Internship Interest Form

If you are interested in one of our four internship positions for 2018/2019, please fill out this form.
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