North Langley is a multiplying church.  We plant under a campus model where campuses remain a part of NLCC, sharing leadership, preaching, budgets, and more.  A Campus model allows for the benefits and expertise of a big church, but with the smaller personal family feel of a smaller church.  Our campuses exist to connect specific neighbourhoods to the life-changing power of Jesus!


In early 2022 we're going to start to put together a Campus Leadership Team and a Campus Launch Team.  We're in search of at least 125 adults, kids, seniors, musicians, evangelists, servants, cooks, youth leaders, neighbours, Sunday school teachers, media techs, mature believers, new believers, and people who have no idea what they believe in launching a campus to love a new community in the name of Jesus!  I couldn't be more excited!  Click below to signup for email updates and let Kevin know you are interested. We plan to announce the location of our Third Campus in the next couple of months.   

Kevin & Christina Schultz

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Praying for Our Third Campus

In three easy steps:

Give Yourself a Pep-Talk!
I'm a part of this! I have something to contribute! It's not just Kevin planting, it's NLCC. I'm NLCC so I'm a planter!
Schedule Prayer
Pick a time to pray either daily or weekly and get your phone to remind you to pray:
9:22am (launching Sept 2022)
10:02am (Luke 10:2)
8:04pm (kids bedtime)
When your alarm goes off, pray.   It may be for a few seconds or a few minutes. Pray how the spirit leads, but for specific Campus, prayer requests scroll down.

Third Campus Prayer Requests

More people experiencing the life-changing power of Jesus
The Spirit's direction in choosing a location and facility
The passion for multiplication to continue to grow at NLCC
Ask if you're being called to be a part of the plant
A strong leadership team
A launch team of 125 people
The reputation of Jesus in the community
Kevin as the point person for the third campus