As relaunch Sunday is upon us, you might be wondering about a few things.
Here are some answers to our most common questions:

What time is the service?
We begin at 10am, but feel free to come earlier to say hi and get settled.
The kids and students all stay in the service for the first 15 minutes or so.

Are masks required?

With the BC Public Health Orders since March 11th, masks are no longer required nor are there any capacity restrictions for churches. As such, wearing masks will be left to your individual discretion. We would encourage grace and kindness for one another in this time and to continue to respect those around us.

Will people be spaced out?
Well, that depends on what you mean by the question, but if you mean seating and spacing, yes – we will have lots of chairs set up to ensure you’re not sitting too close to anyone :)

Will there be coffee?
YES! There is coffee!

Will it be live-streamed?
We are not able to live stream at this time. A live-stream is available of our Walnut Grove campus, at 11am.

Will there be programs for kids of all ages?
Definitely yes, except for our nursery right now. There is a nursery-type area at the back of the gym to allow kids to be a little freer and parents to still stay in the service.

What about youth?
During the school year, there will be separate youth times during the Sunday service for both Middle School and High School students.

Will the Calgary Flames be mentioned?
Well, there is just no way of knowing this!