Thank you so much for your generous support of the ministry of our church family. Many of you have been asking how the church is doing financially, so we’d like to provide some specifics for you.


We are so grateful that we entered this season in a strong financial position, tracking well ahead of our budget since December. Over the first 6 Sundays of livestream, giving has averaged 11% below our weekly budget. ($39,303 vs. $43,675 giving budget)

May 20th Update: 10 Sundays in, we are averaging only 2.3% below our weekly budget. ($42,702 vs. $43,675 giving budget) 

June 18th Update: 14 Sundays in, we are averaging 2.7% below our weekly budget. Overall YTD, we are 4% ahead of budget!


Our Stewardship Team and Elders wanted to ensure that we had a ministry plan in place and that we could staff that plan, before laying anyone off. As some of the jobs of our part-time staff were largely tied to physically gathering on Sundays or to building use, 5 part-time staff have been laid off temporarily. We also decided to end our internship program 2 months early; Damaris flew home to Mexico and the other three went onto EI.

May 20th Update: One additonal part-time staff member has been temporarily laid off and another has reduced hours. All are participating in the CERB program. 

June 18th Update: Three part-time staff will be returning in July/August to prepare for summer kids camps. 1 part-time staff member has resigned. This leaves three part-time staff on extended CERB. 

Current Year - Revised Budget

We’ve created a revised budget to June 30th, adjusting for not meeting onsite and removing all non-essential purchases. Whereas we had budgeted $615,000 of expenses for April-June, we are projecting that we could save approximately $125,000.

May 20th Update: With an updated expense forecast, including an unforseen roof repair expenditure, the potential savings could be closer to $110,000.

June 18th Update: Additional non-forecasted expenditures include the Langley Lodge Outreach and support for mission workers returning to Canada. This quarter will still be $100,000 below budget. 

Next Year - Budget 2020/21

As there are so many unknowns about the coming year (July 1 - June 30), we are creating a budget that takes into consideration the current economic situation. As we are able and as months progress, we will add or remove items from the budget. We want to move forward with prayer and faith, trusting that God is able to meet ministry needs and provide the wisdom needed to navigate the days ahead. 

May 20th Update: Four budget scenarios have been prepared and reviewed by the Stewardship Team. The Elders will review next, and then the selected budget will be available to the congregation on June 1st, in advance of the June 22nd AGM. 

June 18th Update:  The 0% Increase Budget was made available on June 1st and is found here  with explanatory comments.

ACTS Project 

From March 15th - May 20th, over $25,000 has been donated to the ACTS Project. We are so encouraged to be so well prepared to meet needs! 

June 18th Update: The YTD balance in the ACTS Project fund is now $37,975.

Thank you again for your generosity and your prayers. We are thankful that many have made the switch to an online method of giving, and that people are committed to this church family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

[email protected]

Marilyn, Janet, and Jordan (on behalf of the NLCC Stewardship Team)