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    Connecting children and families with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to love God and love others.


    Children’s Ministry Values...

    Connecting with home and at church
    Connecting with God’s small and large groups
    Connecting with Each Other…in a safe and fun environment
    Connecting with Our World...and our community

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    Sunday Mornings

    We have three distinct groupings for kids on Sunday morning. 

    The Nursery is open from the beginning of the service, so feel free to drop off your child or join them in the Family Room. 

    The pre-school kids (NLCC Kids Jr) are grouped based on their age into ‘colour’ classes. Their morning has a longer small group time and allows for lots of hands on age-appropriate activities.

    Grade school kids (NLCC Kids) are grouped with others their age and, for the larger class sizes, sometimes also by gender. Kids have a short connection time in their classrooms before going to the Large Group room where they engage in age appropriate worship and dig into God’s word through a story. Kids apply the lesson in their Small Groups, where they engage in activities, crafts, and discussion.

    All of our Sunday morning kids' programs use a check-in system to help keep your kids safe while they are with us. Leaders are in place to assist visitors and those who need some extra help with check-in.

    While there are definite similarities between our programs at our Walnut Grove Campus and our Yorkson Campus, there are some differences. We invite you to check out the specifics for the campus you'll be attending so you know what to expect.

    Walnut Grove Campus | Yorkson Campus 

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    Child Dedication

    Register at Walnut Grove or Yorkson

    The word dedication means to consecrate or set apart people or things for the purpose of serving God. In the Old Testament, Hannah prayed for a child and promised God that the child, Samuel, would be dedicated to the Lord all the days of his life (1 Samuel 1). In the New Testament, Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to the temple to present Him to the Lord (Luke 2:22). These parents made a commitment to raise their child before the Lord.

    Next Child Dedication Class:
    Sunday, June 10th, 2018
    9:30am-10:15am | Walnut Grove Campus

    Next Child Dedication Sunday:
    Sunday, June 24th, 2018

    Why Do I Dedicate My Child?

    When you dedicate your child, you are publicly acknowledging your desire to raise your child according to Christian values. As you present your child to God in the presence of the pastor and congregation, you are also recognizing that your child belongs to Him and has been born to experience His love and to serve Him. In dedicating your child, you are committing to teach the truth of God’s Word in your home and participate in regular teaching of God’s Word with your children.

    Parents are the main spiritual influence in a child’s life. You are also committing to be a Christ-like example and seeking to lead your children to a personal faith in Christ as soon as they are ready.

    Child dedication is also an opportunity for your faith community - the family of God - to express its commitment to pray for your child and to help you as parents to raise your child in God’s ways.


    How Does NLCC Practice Child Dedication? 

    At NLCC, we devote a few Sundays a year to celebrating Child Dedication. Each Child Dedication Sunday will usually involve several families at once. Here is the process:

    • After you register, you will be asked to participate in a one-hour class, 2-3 weeks prior to Child Dedication Sunday, that provides some basic information on child dedication, Christian parenting, and resources available to you through NLCC's Children's Ministry.
    • In preparation for that class, you will be asked to prepare a short statement introducing your child and your hopes for him/her, including a short Scripture. This introduction (about 10-30 seconds/3-4 sentences) will be filmed either before or after the class.
    • You will be encouraged to identify a few supporters (mentors, family members, Life Group leaders) who can join you on stage as you dedicate your child. Please choose one in particular who can pray over your family, privately within your group of supporters during the ceremony.
    • At the appropriate time during the service on Child Dedication Sunday, parents who are dedicating their child will be invited to come to the stage along with their children and the people they have asked to join them.
    • Following the video introductions, the pastor will briefly explain child dedication. Then he/she will lead you and the congregation in a brief "liturgy" of dedication. There will be a brief time in which each family will be prayed for individually, simultaneously, by their chosen supporter, while the congregation is invited to pray in their own hearts for each family. This will be followed by a closing public prayer by the pastor. Then you will return to your seats for the remainder of the service or you may want to take your child to the Nursery or their class.

    What Will We Receive?

    You will receive a certificate and a video recording of the child dedication. Please allow 3 weeks for the video recording. 

    What Steps Do I Need To Take?

    Register based on the campus you attend (Walnut Grove or Yorkson). A Pastor will contact you with information about the Child Dedication Class. 

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    MOVE Summer Day Camp

    MOVE Camp is one week in July and is for kids going into Grade 1 - Grade 6 in September 2018. Join us for a fun week of Bible story, crafts, games and more! Each summer we have over 450 kids between both our locations, enjoying an active, adventure-filled week of camp. Registration is now open.

    Serve at Move Camp

    We need many hands to make MOVE Camp happen! There is a place for everyone. Check out the many areas that you can get involved in.

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    NLCC Kids | Serve

    We're so excited you'd like to serve with kids! Let us know how you'd like to use your gifts!
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