Like everything else, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do youth.  We're continually adapting our strategy through the crisis as circumstances change.  Currently, our plan involves:

An Emphasis on Small Groups

Small Group leaders will be checking in with their students regularly. Small groups are now allowed to meet for in-person socially distanced events.  See the guidelines for these events below.  

July Events

Through July, HSY will continue to have events most Thursdays.  Some will be online, and some will be in person with physical distancing.  

August Events

NLCC will be hosting both morning and afternoon kids camps during the first 3 weeks of August.  HSY students will have the opportunity to serve as part of kids camp.  More info will be out soon.

Most Thursdays in August, HSY will be hosting a version of Dollar Disk Days (3D).  These include some cold drinks, games and afternoon hanging out.  

In Person G3 Small Group Events

With some restrictions easing, we're encouraging our small groups to begin meeting for in-person events outside.  Here are the guidelines we've created to make sure these events are safe and staying within the provincial guidelines.  

-In-person G3 events must be outside
-Avoid activities where you need to be close or all touching the same things.
-G3 events will need to be “physically distanced events”; these are NOT expanding our bubbles to include our G3 groups.