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Why the Christian Sexuality Series?

Letter to Parents

Both HSY and MSY are doing a series called “Christian Sexuality”.  Here’s why.  

I believe Covid-19 has created an environment that has the potential to make us more susceptible to issues like pornography and topics tied to our sexuality.  Loneliness, isolation, increased screen time, and mental health issues can all contribute to negatively affecting a person.  For these reasons, as well as parental feedback we’ve decided it’s time to have these conversations at youth.     

NLCC families can be given full access to the series to watch on their own, or preview before a session at youth. Of the 12 sessions, we plan to cover about half of them during our program and will choose specific topics for each group.  This information will also be coming out in our weekly emails.

Click here to request access to all 12 videos.

I’m guessing many parents are asking if it’s too early to have these talks with their kids.  Several studies suggest that most teens have their first exposure to pornography by the age of 12.  I believe it’s so beneficial to talk about sexual topics with our kids before their first impressions happen through accidental exposure, from friends, or out of their own natural curiosity.  Even if your son/daughter might not seem ready for these topics, I would love for you to consider the gift it might be to them for their first exposure to these topics to be in a safe setting with trusted adults, and with your knowledge.  That way, when issues present themselves, they’re more prepared to respond in a healthy way.   

Some parents might feel it’s too late to have these talks with their kids.  One of the main reasons we chose this particular series is because of the gentle and compassionate approach it takes for those who’ve already suffered from sexual sin; by their own choices, or from others.   

If you still have any questions, want access to the material, or have something to discuss with either Spencer or me, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

On behalf of the NLCC Youth Team,  
Kevin Schultz Youth Pastor

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Christian Sexuality

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