Equipping for Leadership and Mission

Beginning Fall 2021, NLCC is partnering with MB Seminary to offer a Ministry Foundations Certificate (for Graduate Credit or a Continuing Education Credit) for anyone interested in growing their love for Christ, the church, and the Scriptures, accelerating their learning, and strengthening their effectiveness in serving in God's mission.

The Certificate consists of four courses, covering Discipleship, Scripture Interpretation, Leadership, and Pastoral Care. Each course is offered as a combination of weekend seminar, reading, small group interaction, and assignments. Our five interns will be taking this Certificate as part of their experience on our team, but we would love to have anyone join them on this learning journey!


The Ministry Foundations Certificate helps leaders grow in their love for God and ministry effectiveness through graduate-level instruction and student interactions. The courses focus on helping leaders interpret and apply Scripture, lead with integrity and excellence, share the gospel, and make disciples in a maximum way—all from a Mennonite Brethren perspective. Churches will also benefit as these leaders apply what they learn, resulting in stronger leadership, relationships, and ministries.

Course Info & Dates

Missional Discipleship, with Dr. Randy Wolff

In this course, we will explore how we can live missionally—to live and share Jesus wherever we go. We will also look at 11 essential elements that will move our churches toward greater disciple-making effectiveness.

Intensive: September 17-18 at Willingdon Church. Bi-weekly small group hosted at NLCC (schedule TBD). Various assignments due September 19 - November 6.

Interpreting Scripture Today with Dr. Mark Wessner

In this course, learners will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the historical, literary, theological, and confessional value of both the Old and New Testaments, with special attention given to the Bible’s interpretation and application in the Mennonite Brethren tradition.

Intensive: November 5-6 at Willingdon Church. Bi-weekly small group hosted at NLCC (schedule TBD). Various assignments due end of December.

Christian Leadership Practices with Dr. Randy Wolff

This course will help learners grow as Christian leaders and give them practical tools for helping others in their leadership development. Learners will explore how to strengthen six key Christian leadership practices.

Intensive: January 7-8, 2022 at Willingdon Church. Bi-weekly small group hosted at NLCC (schedule TBD). Various assignments due January 9 - March 5.

Pastoral Care with Dr. Gloria Woodland

This course will equip learners to understand mental health challenges and provide them with insight into key issues and topics that arise in pastoral care conversations. They will also learn tools for a biblical, integrated, and holistic pastoral care model that will equip learners to help others navigate through life well.

Intensive: March 4-5 at Willingdon Church. Bi-weekly small group hosted at NLCC (schedule TBD). Various assignments due March 6 - May 8.

Graduate or Continuing Education Credit

Completing the MFC for graduate credit puts a student part of the way toward a seminary degree, while also providing documentation of this one year of study. To take for graduate credit, you will need to apply to be a seminary student.

For those who do not intend to continue with graduate studies, the continuing education track has much less homework, but still allows the student to have documentation of their learning, for a reduced price.

For detailed information about how to register, please visit the MB Seminary website.

If you are part of NLCC and plan on taking the Ministry Foundations Certificate, we'd love to know so we can include you and cheer you on! Once you're registered, please let Pastor Tim know!