What if you met someone who was more full of Life than anyone you'd ever met? What if that person's every touch, their every word, their every interaction brought Life to others? What if that person had the power to restore every broken relationship in your life - even with God? What if this person even had the power to restore Life to what was dead? And what if that person wanted to share with you everything they have and know, in spite of all your flaws? Do you think you'd want to become that person's apprentice?

There is such a person. His name is Jesus. We believe that the essence of Life is found in knowing, loving, worshipping, following, and obeying Jesus. When we become apprenticed to Jesus, he begins to teach us how to be like him in every detail of our lives. He begins to teach us the way to Life.

Our community is seeking to do all we can to become "a people apprenticed to the Life of Jesus." Inspired by Jesus' invitation in Matthew 4:19: "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of people," we're learning to be loved by Jesus, to be led by Jesus, to become like Jesus, and to lead others to Jesus. 

We're invited to discover and commit to four environments to grow as an apprentice.


Four Environments