As a people apprenticed to the life of Jesus, NLCC invests all our efforts and resources toward the disciple-making mission of Jesus.

Here are three essential ingredients to becoming apprentices of Jesus:

  1. A Reproducible Process: Based on Matthew 4:19, we believe that we are "growing up" as an apprentice of Jesus when we learn to be loved by Jesus, to be led by Jesus, to become like Jesus, to lead others to Jesus. This is our hope for every member of the NLCC community!
  2. A Relational Environment: Community was the environment in which Jesus' disciples learned to love God and one another in authentic and practical ways. That's why NLCC's Life Groups, Small Groups, and Classes/Courses are central to being a people apprenticed to the life of Jesus!
  3. Intentional Leaders: Our Groups become fruitful environments for life change because of the investment of intentional leaders - apprentices of Jesus who are ready and willing to invite others to share their journey of following the Master! 

Could you be one of those leaders?

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