Our goal in the Worship Ministries here at NLCC is to honour God and to serve our community with our gifts; particularly in the areas of music and the arts. Whether that be as a backup singer, an acoustic guitarist or a sound tech, there are a number of attributes that we want to define our culture. Here are some of those attributes (though not an exhaustive list):

Excellence Pursuers - while knowing that we will never achieve perfection, we want to be people that work hard at offering something excellent. God has given us gifts and we want to honour Him by investing in those gifts and working at them so we can offer Him and His people the best possible offering. Especially when it comes to the arts. We want to do our best to reflect the beauty of God well.

Humility - We are all broken. None of us are perfect. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8) If we are truly humble, it means we will work hard at not being judgemental of others. It also means that we will hold our position ‘loosely’. And it means that we will (do our best to) celebrate others accomplishments, without feeling territorial or jealous.

Owners - This is a big one. We are looking for co-owners here at NLCC. We see our services as something that we do together. Something that we strive for together. Yes, we have different roles, and together we pursue excellence - it’s not FOR the Worship Pastor or the elder team, or some unseen ‘owner’. WE are the owners. We are working together towards a common goal.

God pursuers - together we are pursuing God (recognizing that God is always the initiator in this!). Part of this is encouraging one another in our spiritual walk. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “The Christ in you is stronger than the Christ in me”, meaning that we need one another to remind us who we are, who God is, and how He sees us.

Disciplined - We work hard to provide excellence in our offering. This means not only working hard in our rehearsals, but also working hard as we get ready for the rehearsals. It also means that we show up on time (or early), well-prepared with our gear and instruments in good shape.

Interdependence and cooperation - We do this together. No silos. When one of us wins, we all win! Not 'I' but 'We.' We cooperate together for our mutual goals and we celebrate each other's accomplishments. This also means we respect each other enough to show up on time (or early) to rehearsals and/or services.

Great (but not phony) stage presence - Be “All in!” - When we’re on stage, we must keep in mind that what we do will be contagious. If we look nervous, our congregation will feel nervous for us. Remember, ‘nervous people make people nervous’. If we look bored, our congregation will feel bored. If we are sincerely joyful and grateful to be in the presence of God, or if we are in awe of who God is, our congregation will catch that too! At the same time, we’re not interested in ‘plastic smiles’. Be who God made YOU to be. Don’t pretend you’re someone else!

NLCC Regular Attenders - Part of being on the worship team means that you are part of our community. Therefore, it is important that you regularly attend our Sunday AM services, and are connected with the mission and vision of NLCC.