What We Believe

Jesus commanded his first followers to go out into their world and make disciples - apprentices of Jesus. We hope that's what you've become!

There were two important elements to that task. One was to teach them to obey everything Jesus had taught.  That's why we encourage you to participate in one of our weekend services and in a Life Group - it's a way of sitting under this teaching in a way that we hope will transform your life. 

But the other task was to baptize those disciples. Baptism is an important symbolic action that all followers of Jesus are called to do.  This act of being immersed in water identifies believers with the death of Jesus (and thus the end of their old, self-focused lives).  The movement out of the water signifies resurrection - the believer's entrance into their new life "in Jesus" - a life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, lived for God, and brings them into the embrace of God's family, the church.  If you have trusted in Christ as your Savior and Master, then baptism is the next step you need to take.

If you plan on making NLCC your church home, we hope that you will become a member of the NLCC family, whether you are baptized here or began your faith journey in another church, This means that you have officially committed yourself to pursuing the mission, vision and values of NLCC, serving alongside and living in accountability to others as we seek to obey Jesus.

As a Mennonite Brethren church, we are part of the Anabaptist tradition, meaning that we practice the baptism of believing adults, and only receive into membership those who have been baptized as adults. If you are baptized here at NLCC, you are automatically welcomed as a "member."  If you came from a Christian tradition that baptized infants, and you have questions about what that might mean, this would be a great class to ask your questions.