This 4 week course is designed to inspire and equip all believers to engage in dynamic, effective intercession and personal prayer ministry through the practical and responsible application of the spiritual gifts. Completion of his course is a requirement for those wishing to be a part of the NLCC Sunday prayer team. For more information email To register for the next class or to book a seminar email or go to

The material covered includes:

  • Vision: Why should I pray? What happens when God’s Image-bearing, Royal Priests engage in prayer.
  • Vocation: Who am I? Different aspects of the Royal Priesthood, and how this impacts prayer.
  • Praxis: How can I pray for others? The Lord’s Prayer as a model for all prayer encounters.
  • Perspectives: What about the Spirit? Navigating the charismatic in practical, biblically balanced ways.

Upcoming Prayer Courses:

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