Easily give online to our Walnut Grove, Yorkson, or Aldergrove Campus or any other church fund using your credit card:


*Tax receipts for 2021 and prior years are accessible by logging in to Church Center. Or download the App.  More information about tax receipts here.*



Ways to Give


Online Banking

Giving through your personal online banking site is available with all financial institutions. It's just like paying your bills online and is NLCC's #1 method to receive donations. All you need to do is add North Langley Community Church as a bill payee, and enter an account number, which is 4 letters and 4 numbers as follows:

  • For those who attend the Walnut Grove Location - use the first four letters of your last name (capitalized) followed by your 4 digit giving number.
  • For those who attend the Yorkson Location - use YORK plus your 4 digit giving number.
  • For those who attend the Aldergrove Location - use ALDG plus your 4 digit giving number.
  • Have a short last name? Add an X after the letters to make it 4 letters.
  • Have a short giving number? Add zeros in front of your number to make it 4 numbers.
  • Unsure of your giving number? It is next to your name on your tax receipt. Or fill out the Giving Information Request Form below and we'll get back to you.

All online banking donations are applied to the General Ministry Fund.

(Designation Update: If a designation to the ACTS Project or Mortgage Reduction Fund is desired, please email giving@nlcc.ca with the date of your donation, bank name, confirmation of designation, and confirmation of the amount. Your donation will then be reallocated. Please note donations are only accepted to Elder Board Approved Funds.)

Giving Information Request Form

Pre-Authorized Debit

You can authorize NLCC to withdraw a set amount from your bank account, on a monthly basis. Fill out the form below and submit it to the office with a void cheque.

PAD Agreement Form

Church Center

You can use the giving platform through Church Center, the public-facing side of our church database. Log in to Church Center Giving on the web or download the app to set up your giving preferences and donate by credit or debit card. You can give to the General Fund (all campuses), ACTS Project (Benevolence Fund) and Mortgage Reduction Fund through this method.


By Mail 

Feel free to mail cheques to 21015 96th Avenue, Langley BC  V1M 2Z3, attention Finance Department.

In Person

You are welcome to drop off your giving, or give by debit or credit card at the station in the foyer on Sundays or during the week, Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:00.

Donations of Securities

You can donate securities via CanadaHelps.


FAQ's regarding Giving

We have three permanently open funds that you may designate to:

  • General Ministry Fund
  • Acts Project (Benevolence)
  • Mortgage Reduction (Additional principal payments made monthly)

Short-term mission trip funds are opened as trips take place each year. 

Other special project funds are also opened from time to time. 


All donations will be applied to the General Ministry Fund except those designated to an Elder Board approved project. If funds are raised in excess of an approved project’s needs, the Elder Board may decide to use the funds for other NLCC programs to carry out its charitable purposes.

Church Center is the public-facing side of our database called Planning Center. You can give, register for events, and join groups through your Church Center profile.

Click here for more information and instructional videos

Payment information is TLS encrypted and stored at Stripe - a Level 1 PCI compliant payment processor. There is no payment information stored in our database other than date, amount, method, and fund, so that tax receipts can be issued and proper accounting can take place.

In order to provide accurate tax receipts and be CRA-compliant, we have record of your name, address, email address, phone number, date and amount of gifts, method of giving, and if provided, full legal name. We have a dedicated privacy section on our website that addresses data collection and security. Please read through the material and know that we take data privacy very seriously.

Stripe (the payment processor) charges 2.2% - 2.7% depending on the type of card you have, plus $0.30 per transaction. On a $1,000 gift, this means $22.30-$27.30 will go to Stripe, and NLCC will receive the remainder. You will be receipted for your full gift. In terms of direct cost, this is the highest of any of our current giving options.