Jesus’ call to apprenticeship was a call into community with a few others. The disciples’ shared journey and task was an essential part of Jesus’ plan for changing them. Community was the environment in which they would learn to love God and one another in authentic and practical ways. After sharing the journey together, each one of his apprentices became equipped to join in Jesus’ mission. They were launched into the world to start new communities centred on Jesus, wherever they went. Life Groups at NLCC try to reflect that DNA of apprenticeship and mission in their life together!

Want to get plugged into a Life Group?

The best way to join a Life Group is to participate in Life Together! This is a three-week introduction to Life Groups at NLCC and it's our aim for Life Groups to form out of those who attend. Click below to learn more and sign up for Life Together.

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What is a Life Group?

As a people apprenticed to the Life of Jesus, NLCC Life Groups seek to be:


  • eating together
  • praying together
  • sharing life together


  • experiencing the presence of Jesus together
  • learning the teachings of Jesus together
  • applying the practices of Jesus together


  • pursuing a common mission of love, justice and compassion together
  • encouraging individual mission in our neighbourhoods, workplaces and networks


Here are some common questions we get asked.
  • includes 6-16 people
  • meets weekly or bi-weekly in a local home
  • meets for about 2 hours: visiting, sharing some food, reflecting on Scripture, praying and worshipping
  • is formed around life stages, or is multigenerational
  • seeks ways to share life together outside of scheduled gatherings
  • provides potential connections from which to form Apprentice Groups.
  • is invitational and open to new members.
  • You’ll grow in your personal relationship with Christ as others speak into it.
  • You’ll build meaningful and supportive relationships with other people.
  • You’ll experience the power of prayer and worship together.
  • You’ll discover and apply God’s Word to your life through the wisdom of group study and reflection.
  • You’ll experience personal pastoral care for life’s challenges through the members of your group.
  • You’ll share the power of ‘team’ as your group serves together in our church’s outreach efforts.
  • You’ll connect meaningfully with others beyond the larger gatherings of the church.
  • You’ll be equipped to model and express your faith to people far from God.
  • Your leaders will model how to shepherd a small community of apprentices of Jesus.