NLCC is committed to becoming a church where prayer is our first impulse in every circumstance, creating a culture in which we naturally seek to draw near to, speak with, and hear from our God. How are we doing this?

  • “Pray First”: before engaging in petition or any action, we draw near to God simply for who he is, to behold his beauty and to seek his face. At the start of any given event we may pause to do this corporately.
  • Worship & thanksgiving: prayer for God’s sake, “ascribing unto God the glory due his name” (1Chron 16:29). Worship & thanksgiving are a vital part of all of our gatherings at NLCC.
  • Personal devotional prayer: prayer for the sake of a personal relationship with God. We encourage following the model given in the Life Journal (available at the kiosk), using the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Listening prayer: prayer for the sake of guidance and revelation, with an expectation that God will speak to you and through you to others.
  • Intercessory prayer: prayer for situations or for others, outside of their presence. Specific leaders may recruit intercessors for their ministries. Those in need of intercession are invited to contact us at, or email
  • Personal prayer ministry: prayer for the sake of others, while in their presence. Our Prayer Room is staffed and open at all times on Sunday morning, and there may also be an invitation to go forward after the message to receive prayer ministry.
  • Prayer training: prayer training workshops ( teach devotional, intercessory and interpersonal prayer ministry. Applications to join our Sunday morning prayer ministry teams can be found on our websites.
  • Nights of Prayer:  every other month, all other church activities are suspended for one week, as we come together for a night of prayer and worship. 
Apply to Join the Prayer Team

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Prayer Ministry Training

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