Bereavement Journey - Spring 2022

We are excited to be offering Bereavement Journey this Spring. It will start the week of April 26th for five weeks with more information coming soon. Registration will open in the next weeks at this link.

Working through grief and the loss of a loved one takes a long time.  This five-week course is for anyone who is bereaved, whether recently or dating back several years. 

Topics covered include:

  • Attachment, separation, and loss

  • The impact and pain of bereavement

  • Adjusting to change

  • Anger and Guilt

  • Coping with others' reactions

  • The Journey Ahead

Watch the video to the left to hear from Jim as he walked through his own grief in Bereavement Journey.


Registration for all of our support groups is now on Church Center. Click below to access it and see if Bereavement Journey is currently being offered:
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