What is Life Together?

The best way to join a Life Group is to participate in Life Together, a three-week introduction to Life Groups at NLCC. It's our aim for Life Groups to form out of those who attend, so it is expected that you attend all three weeks.

This course models the practice of a Life Group while going through content that establishes our desired apprentice-making DNA for groups.

This course is offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

Some common questions about Life Together

Forming community with others is a challenging and delicate process. We want our groups to start off on the best foundation possible. Just like a marriage benefits from pre-marital counselling, we believe a new small group benefits from a few formative conversations about what we are called to, aiming for, and expecting when we form community with others.

Think of this course like an incubator for baby Life Groups. You can't pass or fail the course, but it is our preferred way for joining one of our Life Groups. Also, it gives you a chance to test drive the rhythm and model we follow here, and make a decision about your involvement accordingly. This saves the leaders the disappointment of discovering, in their own home, that the new people directed their way are only test driving the experience. 

We understand that schedules and sickness sometimes interfere with perfect attendance, even with a three week course. You will have the most beneficial experience by attending all sessions, and it's our preference that you make time in your schedule so that you can. However, in certain cases we may be able to make accommodations so that if you miss a session, you can still receive the content we shared. 

In addition to observing your experience with others in the course, we take into account whatever information you can provide us with. Groups are first formed from the Life Together participants. If your individual needs don't correspond to the groups being formed, then we do our best to connect you with a group that is currently open to new members. We will not place you anywhere you don't want to be.

Some groups are limited in size because of where they meet or the leaders' personal margin for shepherding others. Other groups are in a season of supporting one or more members through a significant trial, and want to focus their energies during this time. Sometimes a group has already weathered significant transition in a given season, and needs time to regroup. We do our best to work with leaders to make room for everyone who has need.

Feel free to contact us and we can talk about your options. We offer Life Together three times a year, on different nights of the week each time. Hopefully one of those options could work for you, but if not, we may be able to help.


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