NLCC + Bethel

We are so grateful to God that after months of prayer and discussion the congregation of Bethel Mennonite Church has approved a merger that will see a new campus of NLCC planted through the amazingly generous donation of the property and building!
Aldergrove Campus

Right now, we're putting together our Aldergrove Campus Launch Team.  We're in search of at least 125 adults, kids, seniors, musicians, evangelists, servants, cooks, youth leaders, neighbours, Sunday school teachers, media techs, mature believers, new believers, and people who have no idea what they believe in, to launch a new campus to love Aldergrove in the name of Jesus!  We're planting to introcuce new people to Jesus, to use and grow in our gifting, to be known in a community and to impact Aldergrove with the Gospel.  

Would you prayerfully consider joining our launch team, by committing to attend, and by inviting others to do the same? 

Join the Launch Team

If you're not sure you want to join the launch team, but you're considering it, click the "I'm Interested" button to get more info.  

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Serve with Aldergrove

With momentum growing at the Aldergrove Campus, we'd love to know if you are interested in volunteering! There are so many needs as our campus plant starts from worship, tech, kids, local outreach meals, life group leaders, Alpha hosts, and so much more. 

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On April 24th, Bethel Mennonite Church voted in favour of joining NLCC’s Launch Team to be replanted as our Aldergrove Campus! The individuals who make up Bethel are generous and humble Jesus followers.  They are giving up the autonomy of their home church to further the gospel of Jesus in the community.  Their kingdom focus is inspiring.  Although this is an exciting time, it is also a time when many will need time and space to grieve the end of this chapter of Bethel.  The next two months will be a season of reflection and celebration for the long and rich history of Bethel Mennonite Church. We look forward to celebrating and honouring Bethel's 85 years of ministry!
NLCC Aldergrove has now been entrusted to carry on the legacy and mission of Bethel.  The merger will officially happen on July 1.  Bethel will be the site of NLCC’s Aldergrove MOVE camp from July 4-8.  Some facility maintenance will be done over the summer and into fall.  We have October 9, Thanksgiving Sunday, targeted as our Aldergrove Campus launch date!