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 What is happening:

From July 2-5, NLCC is hosting over 500 kids for an energy-packed week of camp at two locations: Walnut Grove (300 campers) and Yorkson (200 Campers).
We run this 4-day camp from 9:00-3:00 and each camper is placed in a small group and goes from activity to activity throughout the day, having a blast and learning about the good news of Jesus.

 Why we do this?

We want to open up this ministry to as many community families as possible, which is why we seek to serve so many campers. Just under half of our campers do not attend a local church and we know that camp ministry gives us the opportunity to spend significant time with children to teach them about God's love and show kids that they belong!

 How do we do it?

We need at least one small group leader for every 8-12 children, and we need leaders for all of our jam-packed fun activities, that’s over 200 volunteers that we work with to make Camp awesome! We are still looking for 8 small group leaders at our Yorkson campus that will make an impact on a child's life.

 What impact has it had?

We have been able to connect with many new families in the Willoughby and Walnut Grove area that don't attend church and don't know who Jesus is. We have seen many NLCC families invite their neighbours and friends which is awesome! We know camp plants a seed for kids and families to trust in Jesus. We have seen children open up their hearts to the good news of Jesus and we don't want it to stop!

 How can you help?

Consider serving as a small group leader for camp! Sign up at the table in the Foyer after our Sunday services or right now online!
Pray with us for this week of camp, that God's power and love would be greater than all that we do, and many kids would want to trust in the power of Jesus in their life.

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