Far too often, when men are told to "man up" it means adopting a culturally-shaped persona of macho "manliness" that is inauthentic and emotionally cold. The fact is that being a godly man that is responsible and loving, in ways that fit your own personality and abilities, can be a tough thing to do in today's world.

When we think about the phrase, "Man Up", we think about it as each guy helping the next guy reach the next step in his apprenticeship to Jesus. Your life experiences are valuable. Your story can be an encouragement to others. Maybe you're the guy needing a hand in your journey. No matter where you're currently at in your walk of faith, you are an important participant in this community of apprentices to Jesus.  

NLCC has three main contexts for pursuing apprenticeship together:
  1. Life Groups. These are small groups of 5-12 people who gather together regularly for supportive conversation, Bible study, and prayer. Many of our Life Groups are men and women, but we also encourage the creation of Men's Life Groups. If you would be willing to lead a small group for men, please contact Pastor Tim. For more information on Life Groups, visit the Life Groups page. 
  2. Apprentice Groups. These are groups of 2-4 people who gather together for open conversations about our areas of vulnerability and temptation, accountability, and prayer. These typically form organically, when 2-3 people decide to journey together in intentional, accountable apprenticeship to Jesus. You can find information and tools for being an Apprentice Group here. If you would like assistance in connecting with 1-2 other men for an Apprentice Group, please contact Pastor Tim.
  3. Life Journaling. This approach to listening for God's voice as he speaks through Scripture (Listen, Investigate, Follow, Engage) can be shared with others. Meet together weekly with 2-3 others, read the assigned Scriptures, take 15 minutes to journal about a verse that the Spirit brings to your attention, and then talk together about what God showed you. End with Prayer. Visit our Life Journaling page for more information.

Currently NLCC is not running any additional events geared specifically toward Men. We encourage all our men to engage deeply in the life of NLCC through Life Groups and Apprentice Groups.