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1, 2 & 3 John
7 Lessons

This is an in-depth study using curriculum from Precept International. We will walk through this book and teach you how to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture using the inductive method. See below for more information on Inductive study. 

Study Versions
The study workbook is available in either ESV or NASB translation. Please select your desired translation and version in your registration. Expect to spend 5 days (45 minutes each) to complete the lesson for the full Precept-Upon-Precept version. 

View the first lesson here to get an idea of this study. Each lesson is
completed at home before we meet to unpack the text together.

Registration will be open until March 16. Books will be handed out on the first study evening.


FAQ: What is Inductive Bible study? 

We believe God still speaks today and that His primary and authoritative way of doing this is through His Word; all 66 books, every original word inspired by Him! We believe taking in Scripture is a necessary part of apprenticing to the life of Jesus. God has inspired each book to be written in a way that we can understand that will directly impact how we live.

  • We desire to GROW in knowledge that results in women who look more like Jesus
  • We desire to SUBMIT to His Word
  • We desire to KNOW God: His character and ways
  • We desire to KNOW Jesus: what His life, death and resurrection accomplished 

We strive to do this by using the Inductive Bible study method which uses the Bible as our primary source. This method utilizes 3 tools:

  • Observation (what does the Bible say?)
  • Interpretation (What does this mean?)
  • Application (What do I do?)

Through personal daily study and participation in weekly discussion and teaching, we strive to grasp God’s Word at a deeper and more impactful level.