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    We want to grow in being a church on its knees.

    Every other month, we cancel all our activities as a church for one week, so that EVERYONE can come together for a night of prayer and worship together.

    Join our next Night of Prayer: January 10, 2018

    Night of Prayer

    Highlights from Night of Prayer | Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    It is our hope that we as a church might grow deeper and journey further into becoming a church on its knees. We are calling the entire church to gather and pray. We want to gather for an evening purely devoted to prayer and worship. We are cancelling every event on our church calendar for that week so that we can stop and pray.

    Will you take a step of faith? Even if you have never really prayed before, even if you feel too busy to pray, even if you don’t know how to pray… will you join us? We are so ready to see Jesus move in power in our lives, in the lives of our families, and in our city. We are so ready to take our eyes off ourselves and to seek God.

    This is for the entire family. The nursery will be available and there will be activities for those in grades 1 - 5.

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    Prayer Chain Submission

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    • NLCC Prayer Ministry/Prayer Chain is a lay ministry operated under the supervision of the pastoral staff of North Langley Community Church, Langley B.C. All members of teams pertaining to this ministry have been screened and pre-approved by pastoral staff, and are in on-going accountable relationship with church leadership while serving in this capacity.

      NLCC Prayer Ministry/Prayer Chain is not a professional counselling service, and assumes no responsibility for actions taken by those who request and/or receive prayer from its volunteer base. Pastoral staff reserves the right to refer participants to other community resources, support groups, and/or recommend professional intervention if deemed appropriate, but are under no obligation to act as liaison in these cases. Should a situation arise where there is reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity, self-harm, physical violence or abuse, financial abuse, or the exploitation of a minor or elderly adult, NLCC will be ethically and morally obligated to report such cases to the proper authorities. NLCC reserves the right to terminate communication and the prayer relationship at our discretion.

      NLCC Prayer Ministry/Prayer Chain makes no guarantees as to the outcome of the prayer ministry process. All prayer ministry volunteers and staff, realizing the hope of abundant blessings of God through His son Jesus Christ, are committed to prayerfully supporting each participant for the duration of the process.

    Prayer Ministry Training

    NLCC Prayer Ministry Training: this course is designed to help equip all Christians to engage in effective prayer encounters with others through interactions with God and a responsible use of spiritual gifts. Our model, The Lord’s Prayer is presented in keeping with the Great Commission. Our aim is to offer a Biblical model that is cross-denominational; therefore a moderately conservative approach to the charismatic. This course is a pre-requisite for any of our Prayer Ministry Teams.

    Please email for more info.

    If you are interested in joining our Prayer Team please fill out the Prayer Team Application.

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