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Want to come out to MSY events?? Enrol in MSY to find out more about our current program and how we are encountering Jesus, being mentored, having fun, and finding a place to belong together.

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Check out our Instagram Highlights to see what we are planning for the Fall. In our "New Here" Highlight you'll receive information all about how to check-in at our events (with visuals), some Covid Safety Protocol, and what our Friday events will look like.

Instagram Handle: @nlccmsy

  • Yorkson Youth and Walnut Grove Youth are combined
  • MSY will work hard to comply with COVID restrictions
  • Each grade (6,7,8) is a part of its own hub and has a separate check-in location.
  • Students need to pre-register for our events


MSY has made some adjustments to its fall program to keep things simple and safe. Check out the attached file below for more information. And watch our video above to see how you can attend MSY events safely.