In December 2016, our church welcomed Hasan and Torfa and their four children to Canada. The family couldn't speak English, and our team couldn't speak Arabic. Through the use of translators, technology, and community services, we learned to communicate. We helped Hasan and Torfa settle into Langley city, enroll them in English classes, enroll the children in school, apply for government paperwork, maintain a job, and more. Most importantly, we became friends. Even though you don't see them regularly, Hasan and Torfa and their six children have become part of our NLCC family. We laugh with them, grieve with them, and eat lots of food with them.

In June of 2022, we welcomed Hasan's brother and family to Canada. Ziad and Ruqiah were refugees in Lebanon for seven years, living in poor conditions, with little work, and no school for the children. Because of the pandemic, the application process took nearly two years. We are happy they are settling into our community here in Langley finally!

Please complete the form below if you would like to be part of the welcoming team for Ziad and Ruqiah.

Team Role Descriptions

You help the new family coordinate appointments with family doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and any other medical professionals needed. You will also arrange with the medical professionals for a translator if needed. You do not necessarily need to attend appointments. It's helpful if you have a medical background, but it's not necessary.

You will work with another individual (already chosen) to organize donations for the house. The family will need items such as furniture, gently used clothing, school supplies, and kitchen supplies. Some personal items, such as sheets and mattresses, you will need to buy brand new with the budget money.

You will organize a large van to transport the family from the airport to the home in Langley. You will teach the family how to use the bus. You will purchase compass cards for the family. You will help organize transportation to appointments, if necessary. 

All the money needed to support the family in Canada has been raised by the church. However, there is an exit tax from Lebanon, valued at $2000-$3000 which must be paid in-country. Our church fundraised money cannot be used for this tax. Alongside Hasan (our current family), you would organize a fundraiser to raise this money. Of course, the rest of the team will attend and help as needed, but you will take the lead.

When the family first arrives in Canada, they will be enrolled in English classes at the LINC school; however, there will be a waiting period of up to two months. During this time, you and a partner would go teach beginner English literacy to the parents, perhaps twice a week, respectively. Materials will be provided. It's helpful if you have an educational background.

While the parents are learning English, you and a partner are helping to mind the children. In this time, you can sing songs and play games to help the children learn English. Child-minding might happen twice a week in the evenings. This gives the parents space to focus on English. It will also be a chance for the children to interact with more people from our church community. You should have a background working with children. 

You would connect with the Langley School District to help organize the children into school. This is not a large job. It's about you making the proper connections and making sure the family knows what paperwork to bring and where. 

You would be a consistent friend to the family, perhaps for years after they arrive. In the beginning, the family will be interacting with many volunteers from our church, but over time, as the family gets more settled, we want to maintain a consistent relationship with the family. This might mean you visit the family for dinner once a week, or twice a month. There is a lot of flexibility in this role. 

You would help with any of the needs above, as needed. You don't hold an organizing leadership role, but you would be critical for any events needing extra help.