the LOVED series at NLCC

Both of our campuses are opening the Scriptures and asking: How does Jesus want us to think about our identity, our sexuality, and our gender?

How does Jesus want us to live as His apprentices within these big questions?

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A War of Loves: David Bennett (Book)

A man shares a personal testimony of experiencing the transforming power of the gospel as a gay man.

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Space at the Table: Brad and Drew Harper (Book)

Father and son reflect on the challenges and principles that have allowed them to preserve their relationship in spite of differences around LGBTQ questions. Brad Harper will be a guest speaker at NLCC on February 9-10.

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Dear Church, I’m Gay (Short Film)

A 20-minute film profiling the journey of several people who experience same-sex attraction in the context of Christian family and church. Introduction to the Grace/Truth Curriculum produced by The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. Requires a free Right Now Media account.

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Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender (Numerous Position Papers)

Directed by Preston Sprinkle, this website has created numerous short papers engaging relevant issues with grace and truth.

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A curated Spotify playlist of podcasts with interviews, discussions, and sermon series similar to LOVED covering many of the same topics.

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