Thank you for considering us.

The North Langley Community Church facility can be rented by individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses and government for special events, meetings and weddings. 

After NLCC’s own schedule of events, priority is given next to any rental that helps to fulfill our purposes.

Facility Rental Information

Contact Brittany ([email protected]) to request more information and availability. 

Rental Application Process

Rentals are considered confirmed after NLCC has received all the elements listed below. Any advertising or promotion should only occur after the event has been confirmed and gone through all the following steps.

  1. Application completed and submitted.
  2. Application reviewed and approved by NLCC staff member.
    Weddings must also be approved by the Executive or Lead Pastor.
  3. Rental deposit received.
    If there is no damage, the full rental deposit will be applied to the balance of the invoice.
  4. Rental agreement signed.
  5. Certificate of insurance produced by rental user. 
    NLCC must be listed as an insured party for no less than $2,000,000