Jesus’ call to apprenticeship was a call into community with a few others. The disciples’ shared journey and task were an essential part of Jesus’ plan for changing them. The community was the environment in which they would learn to love God and one another in authentic and practical ways. After sharing the journey, each one of his apprentices became equipped to join in Jesus’ mission. They were launched into the world to start new communities centred on Jesus wherever they went. Life Groups at NLCC try to reflect that DNA of apprenticeship and mission in their life together!  Some members of our Aldergrove Campus will remain in Life Groups established before joining this campus.  Most will form new Life Groups with fellow Aldergrove Campus attendees.  

Life Group Leader Training is Monday, Sept 12, and Saturday, Sept 17.

Life Together Course - November 6, 13, and 20.
Life Together is a 3-week course for all members of Life Groups.  The course sets groups up for the best possible experience.  Aldergrove will run the Life Together course with lunch after Sunday services on Nov 6, 13 and 20.  All new Life Groups will be launched out of the Life Together course.