A word from Matthew

about our 5pm Sunday Service:
Want to know more?

Join us at our upcoming Open House/Information Meeting to hear more about what the 5pm service will look like and how you can get involved.

Sundays @ 5 OPEN HOUSE

Sunday, December 8 at 10:15am in the Youth Room.

If you're interested in joining a volunteer team and serving at the 5pm, we'd love to hear from you!



Why a 3rd service at NLCC Walnut Grove?

We have been steadily growing over the past year, and are currently averaging over 1,000 adults in our 9 & 11am services. We are reaching capacity for seating in the Worship Centre, parking in the parking lot, and space for kids in NLCC Kids.

Why Sunday at 5pm?

We want to maintain our values of intergenerational worship and time for prayer and community in our gatherings, and an evening service allows those values to continue to be lived out. We hope 5pm will give the most flexibility for families, seniors, and young adults alike to attend.

Why start on January 12th?

This start date will coincide with our upcoming Loved sermon series, which will deal with gender, identity, and human sexuality, which will likely bring in more people as it is a topic of great interest in our culture today.

Will the service be different from the 9&11am services at Walnut Grove?

No! All three of our Sunday Gatherings will have the same preaching and worship experiences and will follow the same NLCC Kids curriculum.

What about my kids?

We will be offering NLCC Kids programs for Nursery up to Grade 5 at the 5pm service.

Will there be a High School or Middle School program?

Our Youth staff team is still working through their options for the 5pm service. Stay tuned for their decision!

Can I attend in the morning and serve in the evening or vice versa?

Of course!

Will the coffee bar still be open?

You bet! (Serving decaf so we don't keep you up all night - and hey, why not join a Guest Services team and help give the people what they want at the coffee bar on Sunday nights!) Join a 5pm Team!

How will this impact the staff team?

Much of our Walnut Grove staff team already works on Sundays as part of their regular work weeks, so a morning/evening rotation will be in place to ensure our staff aren't burning out!

How do I find out more?

1. Ask our leaders! The staff and elder teams are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the 5pm service.
2. Attend our Open House Information Meeting on Sunday, December 8th at 10:15am in the Youth Room!