Hi, Life Group leader! The study guides here are provided for you to use with your Life Group! Study guides include...

  • basic guidelines for establishing a safe environment for participation.
  • instructions for studying. In cases of narrative portions of Scripture, this will involve the approach we call "storying" (see link below), a participative way of studying a passage of Scripture. 
  • a "practice" that the group can either try together, or commit to trying in the following week, that will help each member to internalize the teaching in their own habits and Christian practice. 
  • Study Guides for past series are linked with their associated sermon.

More detailed instructions for Storying (as well as other resources) are available here.

NOTE: June - August 2019 there will be no NLCC-produced Study Guides. If your group will continue meeting during these months and would like to continue following the James sermon series, we recommend The Book of James study series on Right Now Media. It is taught by Francis Chan, and follows a similar layout to NLCC's series. Free downloadable group resources are available there as well.