We have three distinct groupings for kids during our Sunday morning gatherings. 

The Nursery (Infants-toddlers)

Our nursery is open from the beginning of the service, so feel free to drop off your child or join them in the Family Room. Whichever works best for you. 

Preschool kids (Juniors)

Our NLCC Kids Jrs are grouped based on their age into ‘colour’ classes. Their morning has a longer small group time and allows for lots of hands on age-appropriate activities. We teach them the Big God Story and en

Grade school kids (Grades K-5)

All our NLCC Kids are grouped with others their age. Kids have a connection time in their small groups before going to the Large Group room where they hear a Big God Story and respond to God by singing songs and prayer. Kids apply the story in their Small Group, where they engage in fun activities, crafts, and discussion.


All of our Sunday morning kids' programs use a check-in system to help keep your kids safe while they are with us. Leaders are in place to assist visitors and those who need some extra help with check-in.

While there are definite similarities between our programs at Walnut Grove,  Yorkson and Aldergrove Campuses, there are some differences. We invite you to check out the specifics for the campus you'll be attending so you know what to expect.

Walnut Grove Campus

Yorkson Campus

Aldergrove Campus