New Elder Candidates

We have three new candidates whose names have been put forth to join our Elder team.
Read their bios and get to know them a bit better!

Why are we revising our bylaws? 

Societies of British Columbia must comply with the new Societies Act by November 28, 2018. This requirement prompted NLCC to modify its existing Constitution and Bylaws to satisfy the new regulations. The task of revising these documents has given church leadership the opportunity to discuss and clarify current church governance questions that were previously unclear or inefficient. We believe this process has brought greater understanding to the roles and responsibilities of the board, staff, and membership. 

What are the next steps in the process? 

Last year, our Elder Team commissioned a Governance Committee to lead the revision process of NLCC's Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Operating Policies. These documents have been finalized and will be presented to the membership for approval at the AGM on June 18. Here's what you can do to prepare yourself to vote on the revised Constitution and Bylaws: 

  1. Read through the Constitution and Bylaws and the Operating Policies (hard copies are available at the NLCC office)
  2. Return to this page to read additional questions and answers that will be populated in the weeks to come (see below).  
  3. Attend the AGM on Monday, June 18 and submit your vote.  

How can I help? 

Please pray for our church leaders! Pray for our Elder Team, our Staff Lead Team, and our members as we seek to follow God's leading together.

Q & A 

If you'd like to submit a question, please email Keith Reed (co-chair of the Governance Committee). Please note that this section will list questions that are commonly asked, but will not list every question that is submitted. 

Will members be voting to approve the Operating Policies or just the Bylaws? 

Only the Bylaws need to be approved by our members. The Operating Policies provide greater clarity about how the church will carry out the specifications made in the Bylaws. In other words, they are the procedures for how the Bylaws will be accomplished.  The Operating Policies were revised at the same time as the Bylaws so that the two would complement each other. They are available for you to review so that you have a better understanding of how everything fits together.

What is does it mean to be a Director of a Society and who are NLCC's Directors?  

According to the Societies Act, a Director of a Society is an individual who has been designed, appointed, or elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Society. In NLCC's case, our Elders are our Directors (you can refer to Part 1 of the Bylaws which gives definitions and interpretations) and you can see who is on the Elder Team here

I'm confused by the different voting percentages. Can you summarize what percentage is needed to pass a resolution and to affirm an individual?  

Resolutions require affirmation from at least 75% of the votes in order to carry.  
Individuals require affirmation from at least 80% of the votes in order to be affirmed to their positions of service. 

Bylaw 10.1 states that disputes that arise within the Society will be resolved in accordance with the dispute resolution provisions contained in the Operating Policies. Did I miss something or were these provisions missing from the Operating Policies? 

You are correct. The dispute resolution provisions were accidentally omitted from the Operating Policies. This policy will be available to the membership prior to the AGM.